The Best Coffee Roaster Machine for Home and Commercial Use

We already know how much you enjoy a good cup of coffee. You spend time searching for the right flavors, the right coffee beans and make sure you have the best coffee maker around. 

Take your coffee drinking pleasure to the next level. Learn how to roast your own coffee beans. You can get more enjoyment out of your morning coffee by having the freshest roasted coffee beans in the neighborhood.

We only reviewed 5 of the different types of coffee roasters but we feel these are the best ones on the market today. The one we liked for home use is Nesco Coffee Bean Roaster. Then, the one we liked for commercial use is KALDI WIDE size Coffee Roaster. Keep reading to find out why we selected these coffee roasters as the best.

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50 to 70 grams



90 grams



5 to 6 ounces



16 ounces

Metal & plastic


300 grams


Nuvo Eco Ceramic Handy Coffee Bean Roaster Review

Koreans love their coffee. They cannot get enough of the hot drink. They will drink it cold or hot. Coffee is like a dessert to them. When they finish their meal, they have coffee instead of cake or cookies.

They also like simple things and to be in control. It makes sense that when they make a coffee roaster it will be a simple operation and they stay in 100 percent control of the process. This ceramic coffee roaster is simple to use, and you stay in control of the process.

You get to roast the beans the way you want and for how long you want. You also get to choose which beans you will roast. With its 50 to 70-gram bean capacity, you can roast enough beans to last you a while.

A protective cover on the handle helps protect your hands as you roast your beans. The small mouth opening makes sure the coffee beans do not spill out during the roasting process. Its waffle-like shape helps your beans roast evenly and equally.

What We Liked

  • check
    Very simple to use
  • check
    Ceramic construction material
  • check
    Roasts evenly

What We Didn't Like

  • The handle cover
  • Small size
  • The price

FreshRoast SR500 Review

You do not have to burn your hands while roasting your coffee beans with this coffee roaster. The process to roast your favorite beans is all done by air. This makes this coffee roaster very environmentally friendly.

No oils, gas or other liquids bad for the environment can be used to roast your coffee beans. This home coffee roaster holds up to 90 grams of beans and will produce about 78 grams of roasted coffee for your morning pick me up cup.

The process is totally automatic. You do not have to do anything except stir. You need to stir from time to time to make sure each coffee bean is roasted evenly. Also, you stay in control of the fan speed and temperature. One control operates the fan and the other lets you select the temperature for your roasting process.

Plus, a timer lets you know when the process is over. This home coffee raster does have a cooling cycle and it only uses about 1500 watts of power.

What We Liked

  • check
    It is fully automatic
  • check
    Temperature and fan controls
  • check
    Large hopper

What We Didn't Like

  • Timer goes up too slowly
  • Only a maximum of 10 minutes on the timer
  • Fan may not be strong enough for green beans

Nesco CR-1010-PR Review

You can get a batch of roasted coffee beans in less than 20 minutes with this home coffee bean roaster. With its clear plastic hopper, you can watch the process while the machine is hard at work. Made from durable plastic this roaster uses only 800 watts of power

The hopper is all marked with a full line for regular coffee roast and another line if you want dark roasted coffee. If smoke and odor are a problem for you, this roaster has catalytic technology to reduce both.

Then with its 1/3-pound capacity, you can roast enough beans to make up to 36 cups of coffee. The machine uses warm air and a strong mixer to make sure your beans are roasted just right. This combination should also produce the same color to each bean.

Fully automatic, just set the timer and press start. When the timer goes off, you should have perfectly roasted beans. With this coffee roaster machine, your coffee making should go to the next level.

What We Liked

  • check
    The see-through hopper
  • check
    The automatic mixer
  • check
    The catalytic technology

What We Didn't Like

  • Lack of controls
  • Some smoke issues during cool down period
  • Cool cycle issues

Behmor 5400 1600 Plus Review

When you need a lot of coffee at one time, you need to turn to this commercial coffee roaster. It will roast up to 16 ounces of coffee beans at one time.  Its 5 programmable roasting settings let you select the style of roast you like.

Its manual roasting override function allows you to stay in complete control of your roasting process. The LCD display uses large numbers, so you can read the timer with ease. A light inside the roaster lest you check up on the roasting process.

The roaster uses thermostats to control the roasting elements. Plus, the variable speed drum combines with the roasting elements to evenly roast your coffee beans. The chaff tray and drum are removable for easy cleanup.

The chaff separation process is not difficult to use, and the cooling period is under your control and is very efficient. The control panel is easy to use with all the buttons right below the timer.

 The unit measures 9 x 9 x 15 inches approx. and is backed by a 1-year warranty.

What We Liked

  • check
    The customized options
  • check
    The manual over-ride function
  • check
    The easy cleanup

What We Didn't Like

  • Not for novice roasters
  • Takes time to learn how to use
  • Not automatic

KALDI WIDE size Home Coffee Roaster REview

With this commercial coffee roaster, you can roast up to 300 grams of the best coffee beans at one time. With its flame arrestor technology, you should not be able to burn your coffee beans.

Its wide mouth feed tube makes filling the coffee roaster easy. It also cuts down on the mess.  For best roasting results, it is wise to use gas only. That is the heat source this roaster is designed to use.

Made from stainless-steel, this roaster is equipped to handle temperatures reaching up to 250 degrees F. There is some smoke so make sure you have good ventilation when you roast your coffee beans.

But you can do multiple roasts. This makes sure you have enough freshly roasted coffee ready to use when your customers want some more. The metal drum moves at 30 RPM. This is slow enough to allow for even roasting.

Measuring 460 x 170 x 370mm in size, you probably will need a large space on your counter to properly roast your coffee beans.

What We Liked

  • check
    Sturdy and durable construction
  • check
    Large feeder mouth
  • check
    Multiple roasts possible

What We Didn't Like

  • Bearing may get stuck
  • Overall design
  • Limited fuel source

Why Roast Your Own Coffee Beans?

One of the things that you need to watch out for when roasting your own coffee beans is the odor. You should roast your beans in a well ventilated area to make sure. No matter which roasting style you use, roasting your own has some benefits:

  • Great flavor - coffee beans are not known for holding their flavor after roasting. You get the rich full flavor of coffee when you roast your own coffee.
  • Health benefits - you do not lose any of the vital vitamins and nutrients that come with coffee beans.
  • Pease of mind - you know where those coffee beans have been and who has handled them.
  • Cost - it may be cheaper to roast your own and you can save money over the long run
best coffee roaster machine

The Financial Benefit of Roasting Your Own Coffee Beans

You just have to do the math when it comes to coffee drinking. If you go to those specialty coffee shops you are paying somewhere between $1 to $5 per cup every time you order a cup.

If you visit those shops every day of the week one time each day, you are looking at $7 to $35 a week in coffee expense. Multiply that by 4 and you get $28 to $140 a month for coffee.

Buying your own coffee is much cheaper and lasts longer. You can cut that cost down to about $90 a year. If you like espresso, then you may cut that down to about $120 per year. You save more than enough to pay for the coffee roaster.

What We Found

During our research, we found that roasting coffee can be a fairly simple process. Even when roasting over an open flame with a very simple, completely manual roaster. There is not much to roasting coffee.

The process is easy to learn and all you really need when you manually roast coffee beans is god beans and a lot of patience. When you opt for a machine that roasts automatically then all you need is good coffee beans.

You won’t make the best coffee around if you start with inferior coffee beans or inferior coffee bean roaster.

The Title for the Best Coffee Roaster Machines...

Goes to two winners today. One award is for the best commercial coffee roaster and the other award is for the best home coffee roaster. Different tasks require different coffee roasters. Your home version does not need to roast a lot of beans at one time.

While the commercial coffee roaster needs to have a large roasting drum and the ability to work long hours. Your home coffee roaster only needs to work long enough to produce enough roasted coffee for a day or three.

For the title of the best home coffee roaster, we selected the Nesco Coffee Bean Roaster. The reasoning is simple. It handles a large amount of coffee beans to make sure you have enough roasted coffee on hand when you need it.

best coffee roasters on the market

Also, it uses less watts of electricity per roast. This difference saves you on your electric bill. Then, the automatic process just has you watching out for any smoke or odor and ventilate the area. You do not have to stir or do anything else while waiting for your beans to roast.

The title of best commercial coffee roaster goes to the KALDI WIDE size Coffee Roaster. Its large bean capacity, 300 grams, ensure that you have enough freshly roasted coffee on hand when your customers demand more coffee.

Also, it is simple to use and has wood carrying handles to make sure you can transport it easily.  Its high heat tolerance and flame arrestor technology protects your beans while making sure you have enough heat to roast all your coffee beans.

Given the types of coffee roasters on the market today, these are the ones that stand out as the best.


The benefits of roasting your own coffee beans are there. The decision is a very simple one. If you want to have the best coffee you go with the best coffee roaster machine. Then you learn how to roast your coffee beans correctly.

Nothing can be simpler than roasting your own coffee beans when you want great tasting coffee each and every tie you brew a cup or two.

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