The Best Pour Over Coffee Maker – Reviews and Buying Guide

Make coffee the simple way - There are times when you can spend a lot of energy and time making a great cup of coffee. But then there are those times when a simple method will do. The pour over coffee method is probably one of the simplest methods to making coffee.

It doesn’t take a lot of experience or expertise to make great pour over pot of coffee. The most difficult decision will be deciding which one to buy. We understand the problem so here is a review of the five best pour over coffee makers.

We liked the Coffee Gator Pour Over Coffee Maker brand best. Keep reading to find out why.

Best Pour Over Coffee Maker

How To Make Pour Over Coffee

Some experts give over 40 tips on making pour over coffee. That sounds like a bit much, so we will offer only a few here.

What you need:

  • A hot water pot.
  • Coffee grounds.
  • Pour over coffee maker.
  • hand-o-right

How to do it:

  • Boil your water in the hot water pot. Make sure you boil enough, sometimes 20 ounces will do.
  • Place the filter in the pot.
  • Out your favorite coffee grounds in- you can use pre-ground or grind your own.
  • Pour your boiling water over the coffee grounds in stages- The stages help you draw out all the flavor of your coffee.

That is all there is to it. As for the other 35 or so tips, we will leave those up to you. You can experiment with different techniques and coffees. Develop your own style.

One thing, this is not a method to use when you are late for work or in a hurry. It takes a little time to make this style of coffee.

Reviews Of The Best Pour Over Coffee Maker




Editor’s rati​ng


8 cups, dishwasher safe, glass and stainless steam materials


BPA free, 3 cups, stainless steel filter, money back guarantee


8 cups, wood collar, 40-ounce capacity, stores in the fridge


4 cups, 20-ounce capacity, cork lid, glass handle


30-ounce capacity, 6 cups, wood collar, easy to clean

Bodum Pour Over Coffee Maker Review

What complicates the choice in this version of the pour over coffee maker is the many colors you can choose from. It comes in 8 different colors. It only takes minutes for this stainless steel and glass coffee maker to brew a good cup of coffee.

Its stainless-steel filter is permanent but removable for easy cleaning. The pot is made from heat-resistant borosilicate glass, wrapped with a colorful plastic or rubber band for easy holding.

The pot is large enough to brew 8 4-ounce cups of coffee (manufacturers do not use the standard 8-ounce cup size in their measurements). This pot is dishwasher safe, so clean up is easy and convenient.

For this pour over coffee maker, the method is very simple. Pour a little water over your ground sin a circular way. Wait till the water drips down, then pour the rest of the water into your grounds. This method will take about 3 to 4 minutes to complete.

Make sure you remove the filter before you pour out your servings. This coffee maker stands 5.4 x 0.9 x 5.4 inches and can travel anywhere you go.

What We Liked

  • check
    Sturdy construction materials
  • check
    Makes 8 cups
  • check
    Colorful design

What We Didn't Like

  • Cannot put on low heat
  • Collar may not be stay cool

Coffee Gator Pour Over Coffee Maker Review

You do not have to make 8 cups of great coffee to be the best pour over coffee maker of 2018. You just need to make great coffee. This BPA free, stainless steel mesh filter takes minimal effort to bring you the best tasting coffee possible.

The reason manufacturers went to stainless steel filters is because the paper ones supposedly take some of the flavors out of your coffee. The pot holds 14 ounces of water and makes up to 3 cups. Another plus is the handle. The unique feature keeps your hands safe from the heat.

Its small size, 5.5 x 5.5 x 6.8 inches, makes it perfect for camping. It will fit snuggly in your backpack and be ready when you are to make coffee. It only weighs just over 14 ounces.

While it makes a great cup of hot coffee, this pour over pot is not good for cold coffee brews. For best hot coffee results, use a medium to coarse ground. This can be pre-ground or grind your own.

The company wants you satisfied so it has added a money back warranty to this product. No hassles with their warranty either.

What We Liked

  • check
    The small size
  • check
    Money back guarantee
  • check
    BPA free

What We Didn't Like

  • Dripping takes awhile
  • Thin glass construction

Chemex Classic Series Review

This manufacturer uses 5 ounces as its cup measurement. That means you get 8 cups of great tasting coffee out of its 40-ounce capacity. The Borosilicate glass does not absorb chemicals or odors.

You can store the remaining coffee in the pot in the fridge for reheating at a later time. The wood collar gives it a timeless and classic look. It will look good on your kitchen counter.

You can place this pour over coffee pot on a glass stove top or gas burner. But use a steel grid if you have electric burners. Don’t place an empty pot on the burner. For best results, use 1 scoop of coffee for every 5 ounces of water you put in the pot.

We recommend a burr grinder if you grind your own coffee. You will get a more constant ground if you use a burr model. Its size, 5 x 5 x 9 in, and weight, 1.6 pounds, will not be a deterrent when you take it with you when you travel.

Also, keep the pot clean for better tasting coffee. You can hand wash it in warm water or place the pot in the dishwasher. Just remember to remove the wood collar.

What We Liked

  • check
    Can be used on burners
  • check
    No odor or chemical transfer
  • check
    Can be stored in the fridge

What We Didn't Like

  • No permanent filter
  • Very fragile

Osaka Pour Over Coffee Brewer Review

This pour over coffee maker comes with its own cork lid. The lid seals in heat, flavor and freshness. The double-layered stainless-steel filter is supposed to help bring out all the coffee flavor.

The glass pot is made from hand-blown glass and given an ergonomic glass handle. The 20-ounce capacity brings you 4 cups of delicious tasting coffee. Of course, the taste depends upon the flavor of coffee grounds you use.

A guide with tips on making great pour over coffee is included in the package. It should take roughly just over a minute for one 5-ounce cup of water to drip through the grounds.

Its dimensions, 7.8 x 5.9 x 6 inches, do not interfere with you enjoying a great cup of coffee. It will also fit nicely in a cabinet or on your kitchen counter. Also, you can use paper filters with this pot. Just place them over the stainless-steel filter.

It is Japanese made but that doesn’t take away any of the quality of the pot. Or the coffee taste. The glass handle makes for easy pouring.

What We Liked

  • check
    Good medium size pot
  • check
    Cork lid
  • check
    Double layered filter

What We Didn't Like

  • Hard to remove the filter
  • Slow brewing time

Comfify Pour Over Coffee Maker Review

This pour over coffee maker also hits the middle of the pack with its 30-ounce capacity. You get 6 cups of the best tasting coffee. A wood collar keeps the heat from burning your fingers as you pour.

The micro-meshed, stainless-steel filter allows you to use finely ground coffee. You can add to your coffee pleasure with this versatility. The lead-free glass ensures that no harmful chemicals will invade your pot of coffee.

To keep this pot clean, all you have to do is rinse it. No handwashing or putting it in the dishwasher. Its dimensions, 8.5 x 5.3 x 5.3 inches, and weight, approx. 15 ounces, also allows this coffee making to accompany you on your next business or camping trip.

If you have to much sediment, just add a paper filter. You won’t lose that much coffee flavor by using them. Be careful, though. You should not place this pot on a warmer. With no plastic parts, you can be sure this pot is BPA free.

This pour over coffee maker will also make for a great wedding or other event gift.

What We Liked

  • check
    Its capacity
  • check
    Leather and wood collar
  • check
    Uses fine ground coffee

What We Didn't Like

  • Glass bottom may not be even
  • Some clogging issues with the filter

The Advantages Of Grinding Your Own Coffee

If you want consistent tasting coffee, then a burr grinder is the way to go if you decide to grind your own coffee beans. But is grinding your own coffee worth it if you have a pour over coffee maker? Our answer is, yes, it is. Here are some of the advantages of grinding your own coffee.

  • You get more flavor out of your coffee
  • You choose when you grind
  • You can grind enough for several days- just keep the grounds in a glass jar
  • You know where the coffee has been
  • Its healthier
Review Of The Best French Press Coffee Maker

What We Found

First, making pour over coffee is not as difficult as it seems. It is just a little time consuming. Second, you can get a variety of capacities with different pour over pots. This flexibility helps people to find one that fits their lifestyle.

Third, most pour over coffee pots are basically the same. They are made of glass but the difference is if they have a handle or a collar. Of course, the collar is made out of different materials as well.

Even with the differences, all the pour over coffee makers can make a great cup of coffee. It all depends on the coffee grounds you use.

What Is The Best Pour Over Coffee Maker

With our research, we found that all of these pour over coffee makers deserved a shot at being the best pour over coffee maker. They all had great similarities. But, one stood out a little more than the rest.

We liked the Coffee Gator pour over coffee maker over the others. While it doesn’t have the large capacity as its opponents, the small size made it ideal for those romantic encounters. Sometimes you have a situation where a small coffee maker fits perfectly.

When you are a couple a small pot is just the right fit. The money back guarantee helped a lot as well. We also liked the fact that it can be used on camping trips or in your hotel. It just doesn’t take up a lot of space in a backpack or suitcase.

The Best Pour Over Coffee Maker

Some Final Words

The big issue as we see it, is not the pour over coffee makers themselves. It is the filters. Many manufacturers have opted to do away with paper filters. This may be a good environmental decision, but it may not be a good coffee decision.

The best pour over coffee makers will allow you to use both the stainless-steel and paper filters. You do not lose a lot of flavor with paper and it may save you some trouble in the long run.

That is just something to think about as you mull over which of the best pour over coffee makers you will purchase. We hope our reviews have helped make your decision a little easier.

The key is to find one that fits your lifestyle. Most of them are made basically the same with a few minor differences. Just find the one that you like and go with that choice.

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