How To Choose The Best Stovetop Espresso Makers

Benefits Of The Best Moka Pot

Finding the best stovetop espresso maker is not that difficult. We know that you cannot always afford a good espresso machine that delivers the perfect cup of espresso. But espresso machines are not the only way to receive the perfect espresso.

You can find the best moka pot with a little research and reading our stovetop espresso maker reviews. We have done most of the work for you. You can read about the top 5 best stovetop espresso makers right here. Our guide is designed to make your search and eventual purchase easier.

Then to make it even easier we have chosen the best of the best. Our selection for the best stovetop espresso maker is the Bialetti stovetop espresso maker. Keep reading and use our quick comparison chart to find out why we selected this one over the others.

The Benefits Of The Best Stovetop Espresso Maker

To begin with, stovetop espresso makers are also known as moka pots. It is a simpler label to use even though the label sounds like it came from the 70s. These pots come with a lot of benefits.

  • They have few parts to clean
  • Their small size makes them easy to store
  • Because they are made of metal, they will survive accidents
  • They do not need electricity - just put them on the stove and let them work.
  • They brew coffee quickly
  • You can use a variety of coffee grounds
  • Their inexpensive

Reviews Of The Best Stovetop Espresso Maker

Bellemain 6-Cup Stovetop Espresso Maker Review

Enjoying a great cup of coffee has just got simpler. In the tradition of the old percolator, the moka pot brews up a great cup of espresso. This stovetop edition is made from aluminum and designed to heat up quickly. It also distributes that heat evenly.

It may not look the prettiest on the market, but its Italian design focuses on production, not appearance. Soon your house will be enriched with the great fresh coffee aroma. Its stay cool handle and lid knob keeps your fingers from being burned.

Plus, its safety valve makes sure your stovetop espresso maker does not explode. A lot of pressure is generated by these pots. Its 6-cup capacity allows you to share your great coffee with your friends.

Whether it is an afternoon ladies meeting or a small dinner party. Your guests can envy you as you give them the taste of excellence. They won’t get that metallic taste in their coffee either. The aluminum construction prevents any metal transference. What you get is all great coffee taste.

Another great feature of this candidate for best moka pot, is its two-year warranty. The company puts its money where its mouth is and guarantees you will be satisfied with this stovetop espresso maker.

Cleaning is also a snap. Just separate the different parts and place them in the dishwasher. If it can stand the pressure of making espresso, it will certainly endure the heat from the dishwasher.

What We Liked

  • check
    6 cups
  • check
    2-year warranty
  • check
    Simple construction

What We Didn't Like

  • Some leakage issues
  • Aluminum metal may stain
  • times-circle
    Some seal issues

Bialetti 6-Cup Stovetop Espresso Maker Review

Another great entry in the best moka pot competition, this 6-cup stovetop espresso maker is one of the finest on the market. Of course, when we say 6 cups we are not talking about the traditional cup.

A good cup of espresso is usually around 2 ounces, not 8. The maximum amount of coffee this stovetop espresso maker holds is only 12 ounces. Make sure you do not overfill it.

Made in Italy, this entry into the competition for the best moka pot also comes with a 2-year warranty. It also sports an almost all aluminum metal construction with a safety valve for your protection.

Its octagonal design makes this an attractive addition to your kitchen décor. As do the 4-5 different colors this pot comes in. The octagon design makes sure each pot of espresso you make is perfect. It keeps the diffuses the heat evenly, so all the coffee is heated correctly.

Making coffee is easy with this pot. Just fill the lower chamber with cold water. Make sure you stay below the safety valve. Place coffee in the upper chamber and put it on the heat. It is that simple.

Don’t be fooled by its simple design. The quality of this pot is there. This stovetop espresso maker comes from a company that has been making coffeemakers for over 80 years. They have manufactured over 200 million coffee pots. They know what they are doing.

What We Liked

  • check
    6 cups
  • check
    Different colors
  • check
    Octagon design

What We Didn't Like

  • Some corrosion issues
  • Some quality control issues
  • times-circle
    May not make all types of coffee

Primula Stovetop Espresso Maker Review

This version of stovetop espresso maker comes in two colors, aluminum silver and red. The colors and simple design will blend in with any kitchen décor you may have. Its modern design style is also attractive.

The handles and lid knob are made of heat-resistant plastic. You do not have to worry about burning your hands as you handle this pot. The sure type grip will keep you from losing your grip. This pot will not slip out of your hands.

The aluminum design makes sure the water goes where you want it- through the coffee grounds. In three to five minutes you will be enjoying one of the 6 cups this stovetop espresso maker produces.

The manufacturer recommends that you disassemble the pot and clean it thoroughly before using the pot for the first time. Use hot water to wash each part then reassemble the pot.

They also recommend that you throw away your first pot of espresso. They say that the best results take place from your second pot on. When you make your coffee, use finely ground coffee beans and do not pack it tight. Make sure you do not fill the water chamber past the safety valve. Then place on medium heat.

All cleaning should be done by hand washing only. Do not place in the dishwasher. Also, be careful about using this moka pot over an open flame. There is a risk of damaging the handle.

What We Liked

  • check
    Heat resistant handles
  • check
    Quick brewing time
  • check
    Great design

What We Didn't Like

  • Not dishwasher safe
  • Need to lift the lid when pouring
  • times-circle
    Some quality control issues

VonShef 6 Cup Stovetop Espresso Maker Review

To be the best stovetop espresso maker you need to bring something special to the competition. This moka pot brings a stainless-steel construction elegantly designed to produce a perfect cup of espresso.

Also, the manufacturer includes 4 glass espresso cups to enjoy your newly made espresso. This stovetop espresso maker can be used on electric or gas stoves and has a heat resistant handle to keep your hands cool. It also will not slip out of your hand when carrying or pouring.

The four cups make this unit a perfect gift for Christmas, birthdays, weddings or anniversaries. The circular design spreads the heat, so you can brew 6 perfect cups of espressos for your friends and relatives.

Just like the other stovetop espresso makers in this competition, all you need to do to make a perfect espresso is following. Place cold water in the first chamber, add your coffee grounds to the holder, place the metal filter over the grounds and put on the heat.

A key feature to the stainless-steel stovetop espresso makers is its construction. Aluminum stovetop moka pots will not work on induction cookers. If your cooking with an induction type stove, then you will want a stainless-steel moka pot.

This espresso maker is easy to disassemble for cleaning but one warning. It is not dishwasher safe. Do not put any part of this unit in the dishwasher. Because it is small you can take this pot with you on your vacations. You can enjoy a great cup of espresso anywhere.

What We Liked

  • check
    Good for induction cookers
  • check
    Travel capabilities
  • check
    4 cups included

What We Didn't Like

  • Some defect issues
  • Some leak issues
  • times-circle
    Some fragile parts

AMFOCUS Stovetop Espresso Maker Review

Having a smaller cup capacity does not mean this stovetop espresso maker cannot produce a fine cup of espresso. While it only makes 4 cups, (approx. 6.8 ounces in total), this espresso maker’s 3 simple steps will help you kick the expensive coffeeshop habit.

Like the other competitors in this best moka pot competition, making espresso is as simple as saying 1, 2, 3. Just fill the bottom chamber with cold water. Stay below the safety valve. Add your favorite coffee to its assigned spot. Place on medium heat.

In a few minutes, you will be enjoying a beautiful cup of espresso in your own home. Also, make sure that this pot fits on your stovetop burners. For induction cookers, try to stay with those elements that are not larger than 4 inches.

Its food grade stainless steel will keep your coffee its best. But watch out for the sharp edges. You do not want to cut yourself. This pot does come with a bonus of two more silicone gasket rings.

This stovetop espresso maker is only about 7 inches tall. Its size allows for easy storage. Or it can easily fit into a small space in your suitcase. This means you can enjoy freshly brewed espresso at half the cost anywhere you travel.

Its great contemporary look adds a classic stylish touch to your kitchen. It is easy to keep clean. Just follow the manufacturer’s instructions that come with the stovetop espresso maker.

What We Liked

  • check
    Romantic size - good for two people
  • check
    Stainless steel construction
  • check
    Sleek design

What We Didn't Like

  • The sharp edges
  • Some difference in gasket size
  • times-circle
    Weak handle

How To Choose Your Stovetop Espresso Maker

As you can see there are some great stovetop espresso makers on the market. So how do you choose the best moka pot for your espresso needs? It really is not that hard to find and select the right one for you.

Here are a few guidelines to help you find the best one:

  • hand-o-right
    Where were they made - The Italians moka pots are the best and the original ones. Anything else will be an inexpensive copy.
  • How many cups will it brew - Stovetop espresso makers do brew different amounts of coffee. They come in sizes that brew 2,3,4, 6 and even 9 and 12 cups.
  • Size does matter - You need to make sure the size of the moka pot is compatible with your stove burners.
  • What is it made of - You get faster results with stainless steel. This is not always a good thing when brewing espresso.
  • Read all the reviews - Plus any other product information you can get your hands on. Become fully informed on the product. It pays to be careful.
How To Choose Stovetop Espresso Maker

How To Make Good Espresso

Each manufacturer will give you instructions on how to brew a perfect cup of espresso with their unit. But just in case they don’t. And just in case you do not know how to make espresso. We have taken the liberty to provide you with some instructions.

  • 1
    Purchase the best stovetop espresso maker on the market.
  • 2
    You can use coffee beans grown specifically for espresso coffee or use your own favorite brand.
  • 3
    Grind the beans until they are finely ground coffee. Pre-ground coffee will work also.
  • 4
    Put cold water into the lower water chamber. Remember do not go past the safety valve.
  • 5
    Place your finely ground coffee in its proper chamber.
  • 6
    Put the moka pot together and place it on medium heat.
  • 7
    Don’t worry about the hissing noises. It is just the moka pot doing its duty.
  • 8
    When the pour chamber is filled, take off the heat and just pour.

There you have it. The simplest way to make espresso coffee. It is also a money saver. You do not have to continue your expensive coffeeshop a bit anymore. You can brew your own espresso like a professional barista.

Advantages Of Owning The Best Stovetop Espresso Maker

The Advantages Of Owning The Best Stovetop Espresso Maker

Stovetop espresso makers do actually come with some advantages over other espresso machines. These advantages will help convince you to purchase your own stovetop espresso maker.

  • check
    Their cost is affordable and will not break any budget.
  • check
    Their small so you will find a good, safe spot to store them with ease.
  • check
    When you travel, go camping, etc., they can go along.
  • check
    Cleaning is not that much of a chore.
  • check
    Paper filters are useless with these stovetop espresso makers.
  • check
    They are made to last a lifetime, even if you accidentally drop them.
  • check
    They do not come with electric cords.

Now That The Stovetop Espresso Maker Reviews Are Over

We can tell you why we selected the Bialetti stovetop espresso maker as the best stovetop espresso maker. Our answer is quite simple. The manufacturer’s experience and longevity tipped the scales in their favor. They must be doing something right to stay 80 years in the business and place over 200 million coffeepots in people’s homes.

What also helped was its innovative design that keeps the water going to where it is supposed to go through the coffee. Also, along with the 6-cup capacity, Bialetti has a variety of cup capacity sizes, and different colors. You do not get that with stainless steel.

Stainless steel may look good and brew faster, but we like the control you get with an aluminum stovetop espresso maker. Faster is not always better. It is also made in Italy. The country that invented espresso.

That means they know what they are doing when they make their espresso makers. They would have an angry country if they made the stovetop espresso maker wrong.

Final Words

The search for the perfect and best moka pot or stovetop espresso maker does not have to be stressful or long. If you do your research, get all the facts you should have no trouble eat all in finding the best one on the market today.

We have done the legwork for you. We shortened the long list down to 5 of the best moka pots available. Picking one out of those 5 should not be difficult. You are not too far away from enjoying an inexpensive cup of espresso from your very own stovetop espresso maker.

All you have to do is a little research, get the facts and stay away from the cheap imitations. Breaking your expensive coffeeshop a bit will be a lot of fun. You will be a professional barista in no time.

Enjoy your homemade espresso.

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