35 Best Gift Ideas for Coffee Lovers (That Make Them Surprised)

Coffee consumption will always be part of our everyday routine. Gives us the energy boost we need in the morning and makes us feel happy.

We drink coffee not only in the morning but also at any time of the day making coffee as the most consumed beverage.

Hence, you can never go wrong with coffee related gifts. In this article, we have enlisted 35 best gifts for coffee lovers:

1. Coffee Warmer

Coffee Warmer

Coffee is best served when hot but we may not drink it immediately and may turn cold in a few minutes.

Worry no more. A coffee warmer is an excellent way to keep your cup of coffee warm.

And ideal present for coffee lovers who somehow distaste cold coffees.

2. Travel Coffee Mugs

Travel Coffee Mug Gifts

Running late? And you haven’t had your morning cup of coffee yet?

As busy as we are, we may want our coffee on the go or worse, forget to have one.

Travel mug is the best gift for coffee drinkers always on the move, and will never have to skip a cup of coffee again.

3. Coffee Storage Container

Coffee Storage Container Best Gift

Opening and resealing a coffee package could be hard work and you might spill it.

Putting it in container is more practical and avoids the risk of accidental spill.

It also adds an extra touch of beauty in the kitchen; excellent gift for coffee lovers with a taste for beauty.

4. Self-Stirring Mugs

Self-Stirring Mug Best Gift

Every bit of coffee granule is important and there will be times when we may not stir it well and we may not enjoy our cup of coffee when not stirred well.

Because it will not taste the way we expected it.

Self-stirring mug drives those worries away; a perfect gift for coffee lovers.

5. Espresso Maker

Gift Espresso Maker

Perfect present for espresso lovers.

Expensive but worth buying, it will cut down Starbucks expenses and a good investment.

Not to mention, a perfect display in your kitchen.

6. Portable Coffee Maker

Portable Espresso Maker Gift

Travelling? Wanting to have a cup of coffee but don’t want to spend on expensive coffees?

Solution? A portable coffee maker, the best gift for coffee lovers on travel and cut cost on expensive coffees and save money.

7. Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Gift Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Brewed coffees are usually served hot but others would prefer cold brewed coffees.

This is a bitter type of coffee and serving it cold may be a good idea because it reduces its bitterness.

Thus, a best gift for coffee lovers who wants to experience the richness of brewed coffee in cold water.

8. Coffee Mugs

Coffee Mugs Gift

Well, you can't have coffee without mugs. It is like the basic necessity for drinking coffee.

We think mugs are the best gift for coffee lovers under 20 dollars.

Cheap but a personalized mug will make it special.

9. Pour-Over Coffee Maker

Pour Over Coffee Maker Gift

Coffee flavor extracted from ground coffee by pouring in hot water through a filter.

Good tasting brewed coffee, better than instant coffees.

It is a great gift for coffee snobs, they will have a change of heart when tasted it.

10. Coffee Bean

Trung Nguyen Coffee Beans Gift

What way to experience a great tasting and aromatic coffee, by having a fresh one.

By fresh, I mean having it grind yourself. Compare to instant coffees, fresh ground coffees tastes and smells a lot better.

Vietnamese coffee beans are loved by coffee enthusiasts around the world. Click the button below to learn more.

11. Coffee Grinder

Gift Burr Coffee Grinder

Grinding coffee beans will take time and patience.

But to have a quality cup of coffee and enjoying its great taste and aroma is very rewarding.

 A great cup of coffee from fresh ground beans is a perfect gift for coffee lovers.

12. Drip Coffee Maker

Gift Drip Coffee Maker

Filters the ground coffee to make a fresher coffee and nothing tastes better than a fresh cup of hot coffee.

It is also brewed coffee and you may wonder, what is its differences with pour over coffee?

Yes they are both brewed coffee, but the process is different. Hence, producing two different types of brewed coffees.

13. Stovetop Coffee Maker

Best Stovetop Coffee Maker

An alternative to the expensive machine-operated espresso makers. Instead, uses steam to extract coffee flavor.

Much cheaper and time consuming, but coffee made with patience and love are the best tasting ones.

It's a perfect gift for espresso lovers on budget.

14. Coffee Thermal Carafe

Thermal Coffee Carafe Gift

Function is same with a thermos, except, it serves a much specific purpose and that is a coffee dispenser.

Keeps coffee warmer for a longer amount of time compare to regular coffee pots. Common in the office pantry.

It may also be for home purposes and best gift for coffee lovers on a picnic or a group date.

15. Coffee Percolator

Coffee Percolator Gift

A method of brewing coffee but this method use higher temperature. Hence, giving the coffee a stronger aroma but paler taste compare to other coffees.

If you are the kind of person who enjoys coffee aroma a lot more than taste, then this is the product for you.

This is also a great gift for coffee lovers who enjoys a strong aroma coffee.

16. Coffee Scale

coffee scale gift

Proper measurement of coffee, sugar and creamer is important to give coffee consistency. And the right amount of texture.

Avoid events when your coffee tastes fine then the next may taste bland.

Excellent for coffee lovers who brew their own coffee.

17. French Press Coffee Maker

Gift French Press

A different brewing process, where ground coffee is press.

And unlike espresso; it uses a coarse grind, giving it a strong and deep flavor.

Best gift for coffee lovers who enjoy French press coffees.

18. Knitted Coffee Cup Sleeve

coffee sleeve gift

There may be times when we want to hold our mug with both of our hands and enjoy the morning and take it all in.

But the coffee is too hot. Solution?

A cup sleeve can actually help

And also ideal gift for Starbucks lovers and replace those paper sleeves around your cup.

19. Coffee Scented Candle

Coffee Scented Candle Gift

A coffee scented candle is another awesome gift for coffee lovers and ideal gift also for coffee snobs as well.

Who wouldn’t be entice with the aromatic scent of a fresh coffee?

Anyone who smells it will find coffee aroma soothing and calming.

20. Creamer and Sugar Set

Creamer and Sugar Bowl Set

To impress a visitor, serving them with an elegant creamer and sugar set is the way to do it.

And because of its elegance may even be a conversation topic.

A perfect gift for coffee lovers who has that tendency to impress.

21. Electric Kettle

electric kettle coffee gift

What is coffee without hot water?

An electric kettle is the fastest and most convenient way to have your hot water.

It's a great gift for coffee drinkers and its purpose goes beyond caffeine needs.

22. Coffee Carriers

coffee carrier gift

Are you travelling with a group friends and are a couple of coffee enthusiasts?

Coffee carriers are the most convenient way to travel and enjoy your coffee at the same time.

It is the perfect gift for outgoing coffee lovers.

23. Coffee Art Stencils

coffee art stencil template gift

An ordinary and boring morning?

Make it interesting by these Coffee Art Stencils.

What it does is it shapes the foam of your coffee to a fun and thoughtful templates. A sure way to put you in or anybody in good mood.

And it is a perfect gift for coffee lovers and perfect for friends coming over.

24. Coffee Mug Holder

Coffee Mug Holder Gift

We can't put our special mugs lying around and anywhere. It might get broken, we don't want that. Especially if it was a gift to us by a special friend.

We want to display them and show them off to our friends.

A coffee mug holder is an ideal gift for coffee lovers.

25. Coffee Mug Placemats

Coffee Mug Placemats Gift

Leaving a tiny smidge of coffee marks on your expensive table may be frustrating.

Or worse, spill the whole cup and leaving a permanent damage on the table.

A mug placemats is the best solution in events like this and perfect for coffee drinkers.

26. Cup Holder

Coffee CUp holder gift

Best gift for coffee for drinkers who are always on the move.

To avoid the risk of spilling and convenient way to enjoy a cup of coffee while driving.

Useful also for other beverages, other than coffee.

27. Color Changing Mugs

Color Changing Mugs gift

The mugs changes color basing on the temperature it holds.

A fun and unique way to have your warm coffee in the morning.

An ideal gift for coffee lovers that would put them in a good vibe.

28. Coffee Scoops

Coffee Scoops Gift

Coffee scoops are perfect gifts for coffee lovers brewing their own coffee.

To achieve consistency and produce a finer coffee; there must be proper measurement.

Thus, making it an ideal gift for coffee lovers.

29. Coffee Urn

Coffee Urn Gift

Can fill up 45 cups or more of coffee at once.

Ideal in the office but can also perfect at home, especially if you have friends coming over.

Or having some sort of a party at home, this coffee machine is one of the best gifts for coffee lovers.

30. Coffee Filter

Coffee Filter Gift

One way to enjoy a fresh brewed coffee is to have it straight to the cup, from the filter.

You may prefer to have it in the coffee pot first but having it straight from filter will taste a lot better.

31. Portable Espresso Maker

Portable Espresso Maker Gift

Imagine yourself on the road and feeling sleepy. Then you had that craving for espresso coffee: never fret!

A portable espresso coffee maker is what you need, the ideal gift for espresso lovers on the road.

32. Coffee Round Table

Coffe Round Table Gift

Enjoying your coffee while reading a good book.

What a wonderful way to spend your morning and compliment it with a good coffee round table beside you.

Definitely will put a big smile on their face.

33. Coffee Mug Set

Coffee Mug Set

Great gift for coffee lovers who have frequent visits from friends.

A thoughtful way of serving them is with this beautiful coffee set and may also be a wonderful display in the kitchen.

34. Personalized T-Shirts

Personalized T-Shirts Coffee Gift

One of best gift for coffee lovers is by giving them personalized T-shirts.

You can never miss with personalized stuffs.

Especially if it shows their passion for coffee. An awesome gift for your coffee loving friend.

35. Cold Coffee Shaker

Cold Coffee Shaker Gift

All you need is an instant coffee and mix it with cold water, then shake the tumbler with all your might.

It's also a fun and easy way to prepare coffee.

Perfect gift for coffee lovers who’d prefer their coffee cold.


One of the top popular beverage drinks in our culture. Alongside tea and alcoholic drink is coffee.

Coffee culture is widespread. It may be a coffee enthusiasts or an ordinary coffee drinker and almost anybody who is a working class citizen drinks coffee.

So if you’re having trouble picking out a gift for a loved one or someone’s birthday? You can never go wrong with coffee related gifts and there are a wide range of products, suitable gifts for coffee lovers.

The purpose of this article is to help readers find the perfect gifts for their coffee loving love ones.

In this article, we have enlisted a variety coffee related products in the market and in choosing the right presents for your coffee loving friend. It is important to consider their personality or preferences.

For example, do they prefer espresso over brewed coffee?

Or are they an ordinary coffee drinker or a coffee fanatic. Or we may ask a mutual friend for advice

Knowing their preferences and personality is one of the best way which products to buy. But whatever you give them, as long as it came from the heart, it will be very much appreciated.

We hope that this article has been informative and helpful, and we welcome any comments.

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